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Guiding by Leni can pick you up at your hotel or villa to take you on any of the many outdoors adventures you can do in Bali. Prices for this will not include the activity cost, but we can suggest places to stop to give you a full day of touring in Bali.

* White Water Rafting

* Climb Mount Batur

* Cycling and Electric Bike Tours

* Quad Biking

* Ricefield Trekking


As a Balinese woman, Leni is experienced and knowledgeable about local culture. A prayer tour will include the offerings made up for you, but you may need to pay entry fees to the temple. You may be required to wear a sarong and, for women, a kebaya (a lacy long sleeved shirt). Leni can help you purchase one of these for your visit. 

* Water Healing Ceremony

* Prayers at the Mother Temple

* Dances and Art Tours

* Create offerings

* Local Balian (Healer) visit in Ubud

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* Visit a local morning market

* Go a coffee plantation

* Check out the chocolate factory

* Enjoy food at a local warung

* Try out the local delicacies of bali guling and Bebek Betutu (suckling pig and smoked duck.

* Learn in a cooking class


We can pick you up for your trip to Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan or the Gilis and arrange the ferry tickets for you. Enjoy the tropical island life away from the Bali traffic for a day or two. Ferries go from Sanur or Padang Bai.

* Nusa Lembongan

* Nusa Penida

* Gili Air

* Gili Trawangan

* Gili Meno

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